Whether you’re interested in buying a home elevator to improve the mobility of your family or to make your home stylishly convenient, you’ll want to be informed every step of the way. For more than 2 decades, our elevator experts at Elevated Services Inc., have been answering questions to help customers find the right home elevators.

You’ll want to consider the size and space your elevator occupies

One of the most important aspects of the home elevator buying process is space. You’ll not only need to consider the space for the elevator itself, you’ll need to consider space for the landing area, the shaft, and both overhead and ascending space. This is where experts at Elevated Services Inc., can be helpful.

Our elevator professionals can help guide you to choosing a home elevator that fits your home in a practical way. Without the right guidance, you may choose an elevator that feels right today, but may not be such a good fit over the long-term flow and usage of your family.

In addition to the amount of space your home elevator will occupy, you’ll want to consider the size of the cab. An elevator’s cab size has more to do with the amount of people who’ll ride in it–and how they’ll ride in it. For example, you may have a loved one who’ll use the elevator while in a wheelchair. If that were the case, you’d want enough cab space to comfortably ride together.

Before you make a final decision on buying a home elevator, have our experts walk you through the details of what an elevator would like fitted in your home.

Understanding what goes into installing a home elevator can seem like a big task. Considering the small things makes things a lot easier.

What will be the style of your elevator?

Newer elevators come in a variety of styles for you to consider. Beyond the mobility elevators provide, a home elevator can be the centerpiece of your home. You’ll want to consider how an elevator matches your home’s interior design and how the elevator enhances or compliments various décor throughout your home.

Whether you desire a more classical style elevator or a modern design, you’ll want a look and feel that improves the beauty and value of your home.

The safety of your home elevator matters more than anything

Above everything else, our team at Elevated Services Inc. place the highest importance on elevator safety. This could mean determining the weight capacity of the elevator, sensors to detect movement or obstruction beneath the cab, to handrails or even lighting in the cab itself. In addition to the safety mechanics of a home elevator, you may desire a telephone communication system in the elevator for emergencies.

At the end of the day, it’s about having the right recommendations to ensure your home elevator is safe and accessible for your family, and anyone else who will ride it. Do you have a few questions about home elevator installation? Send us a message. We’d love to give you clarity along with the right answers.

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