An elevator can last for up to 20 years if maintained and inspected regularly. Elevators can undergo regular maintenance, repair of parts or modernization of components of the elevator to upgrade the unit. Even with regular maintenance, customers can benefit from the functionalities of a new elevator by undergoing modernization, which helps prolong the life of your elevator. If you’re looking to increase the operational efficiencies of your elevator and improve the overall aesthetics of different features, modernization is highly suggested.


Some factors to consider when deciding if your device requires modernization:


  • Is your elevator approaching the end of its lifespan?
  • Will general repairs and maintenance fix your problems temporarily or will replacing certain parts hinder the elevators functionality?
  • Will your costs be significantly reduced compared with installing a brand new elevator?
  • Are tenants currently unsatisfied with the duration of time they have to wait for the elevator?
  • Does the elevator get overcrowded, shut down frequently or have an adverse effect on the property value?
  • Is the device considered safe to use or does it prove a liability to users?


Elevated Services Inc. offers full modernization services that meet the TSSA requirements for safety. Our experienced technicians install the necessary components for your elevator unit. The licensed personnel at Elevated Services use the latest elevator equipment to maintain standards of advancing technology. The length of time for modernization depends on the type of elevator, extent of equipment being replaced and the number of floors. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to completing your project in a timely fashion to ensure your elevator is available to resume normal daily operation.


  • I have completed various elevator projects at multiple sites with Elevated Services Inc‎. Each one was completed on time and within our original budgets. Ted Gossard has set up a business model that provides his customer base with elevator technical expertise and field precision. He attention to detail and commitment to turning over a quality product, is something hard to find these days. I would recommend Ted and his team from Elevated Services Inc., for any elevator project you come across. Minor repairs and modernization is their core business and something they have mastered into a fine art. This comes only from years of experience and hard work. Ted is extremely dedicated to his craft and will not disappoint! It is worth a call to Elevated Service Inc, just pick up and call. Ted - all the best with your future success.


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