While installing a home elevator can make it easier to age in place, that’s not the only reason home elevators are so popular. In fact, many people choose to install home elevators for convenience, style, and to improve the value of their homes. Let’s look at these reasons a bit more closely.

Home Elevators can help you maximize the value of your home

Putting in a home elevator can increase the value of your home. Which is why Elevated Services Inc. is committed to installing durable and reliable elevators built with high-quality craftsmanship that last for years. Not only can this improve your personal quality of life, your home stands to gain as well.

Home elevators are stylish

Elevated Services Inc. offers a variety of stunningly stylish options for improving your home’s value. Our breathtaking selection of home elevators are beautifully crafted to enhance your architectural style or décor.

According to, adding a home elevator can increase your property value by 10% or more.

Entertain with confidence

With an installed elevator by Elevated Services Inc., you can have fun house parties without the headache of trying to accommodate guests and caterers carrying heavy carts and trays. And, you’ll be confident knowing partiers can easily travel between different floors, safely.

Home elevators offer functionality and convenience

Though taking the stairs may not be a problem, a home elevator makes it easy to carry heavy bags of groceries, boxes, heavy equipment, or loads of laundry. Once difficult or tiresome household tasks can be done with ease and less stress. Our so you can load it up with gear, and it will still take you up and down your home safely and efficiently.

Whether you choose to install an elevator early on or long after moving into your home—it still adds value to your home, regardless.


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