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Concerned About Accessibility In Your Own Home?

Home Elevator and Stairlift Installation and Maintenance

At Elevated Services we believe that retaining in-home accessibility is a priority when it comes to your standard of living. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to providing in-home stairlift and home elevator services for seniors and people with disabilities or injuries.

Stairs can present a serious challenge to the elderly, those recovering from surgery and patients on medication. Over time, stairs can stop you or your loved ones from enjoying your home. We believe that full-home accessibility shouldn’t be limited to young, able homeowners.

Enter Elevated Services.
Our skilled team of elevator and stairlift technicians will come directly to your home and install your choice of in-home elevators to help you with mobility and accessibility. We guarantee our in home elevators and stair chair lifts and we will continue to maintain and  service your elevating device for safety and reliability.

Residential Elevators
A residential elevator is designed to be that extra feature for your home. For luxury or for accessibility, we can install a product that meets your needs. Installation is only the first part. We can maintain and service all types of equipment and keep your elevator safe and reliable.

Chair Stair Lifts
The freedom to enjoy your whole home without fear of falling or overexertion. This allows you to stay in your home and avoid uprooting your family and expensive moving costs. Modern design folds or moves out of the way for full use of stairs by other family members.

Platform Lifts
Also known as a wheelchair or porch lift, it is a great alternative to a long ramp as space is often not available and only a short distance of travel is needed.

Residential Stair Chair Lift

Residential Stair Lifts for Seniors

Residential Platform Lifts for Accessibility

Residential In Home Elevators

In Home Elevators and Stairlifts Are Ideal For:


Seniors are the highest at-risk group of people when it comes to falling down stairs. Take the worry and risk out of your parent’s lives with a safe, easy solution to help them up and down stairs.

Surgical Recoveries

Surgical recovery can take months, and individuals with broken legs and hips are most impacted by stairs in their home. Help your family members live comfortably by taking stairs out of the equation.

Wheelchair Users

Elevated Services offers a variety of stairlifts and in-home elevators, including models designed for use with wheelchairs. Now stairs are not a factor when it comes to the standard of living for wheelchair users.

Medication Users

Certain kinds of medication can leave you dizzy, faint-headed or nauseous, increasing the chances of falling down stairs and injuring yourself. Let us help you remove the risk of falls in your own home with a personalized in-home elevator.

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