We keep elevators moving

Keeping elevators up-and-running is equally important to us as installing them.

Our technicians maintain the highest level of availability and training to ensure your elevator operates with the highest level of integrity. Whether it be repair, maintenance, inspection, or safety testing, we are able to solve major challenges for residents and commercial properties seeking  to keep their elevators running without hassle or uncertainty. 

We offer customized elevator services for you Elevator Maintenance & Repair Services, Inspection & Safety Testing

Our services include elevator maintenance and repair, inspection and safety testing.  Whether you’re a building owner or manager, a business or residential family, we’re here to keep your people moving.  We offer an exceptionally strong commitment to safety and reliability to the people we serve across the Greater Toronto Area.

When an elevator goes down, a ripple-effect reaches occupants and business revenues of those buildings, and family members.

To help alleviate those potential problems, our friendly elevator professionals are prepared to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Additionally, we offer a range of preventative maintenance services to inspections and safety testing to ensure your elevators are compliant with safety laws and operational requirements. 

To get started, you can visit our contact form here, and send us your questions or concerns. We you’re done, be sure to visit our blog to read informative content–including our latest blog post 5 Easy Ways to Know If Your Elevator Needs Repair.”

Elevated Services Inc. is a recognized member of the Canadian Elevator Contractors Association, our elevator safety compliance and regulatory standards align with both the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) and the Ministry of Labour of Ontario.