The bottom-line is, renters are busy. Not only that, renters often desire buildings that offer ease of access and comfortable mobility across floors. Whether it’s to make a quick run to a nearby supermarket or invite elderly loved ones for brunch, elevators make it easy for people to move across buildings. Having that option means attracting more renters.

Satisfied tenants spread the word

Let’s face it, tenants don’t want to climb stairs every time they leave or re-enter your building. With limited accessibility, not having an elevator means having more dissatisfied tenants. Of course when tenants aren’t happy, they go to social media or rental review sites to post negative reviews of your building. These negative reviews and social media posts send newly interested renters to more modern buildings with elevators.

On the other-hand, the ease to move across floors in your property offers stress free mobility for tenants. That’s something they’ll gladly spread the word about!

Installing or modernizing your elevator makes it easier for tenants to refer your property to others and it keeps them comfortable and satisfied.

Easy move-ins for new renters

Finding and moving into a new place can be stressful for anyone. Toss in not having an elevator, things only become more difficult for new renters on move-in day. That added stress is more than enough to push renters to properties that have elevators.

Here’s the thing to remember, your building will always attract renters who don’t prefer elevators. However, the number of tenants who prefer elevators as an option will continue to grow.  Eventually, those tenants can affect the growth of your bottom-line the most.

Today’s modern elevators are smart

Elevators offer more than comfort and satisfaction for tenants…  newer elevators offer smart technology that can adapt to how tenants move throughout your building. For example, newer elevators can learn the movement patterns of your tenants and dispatch elevators to floors during peak times.

You don’t need to be familiar with all the technology modern elevators offer. In fact, our helpful elevator professionals here at Elevated Services Inc., can clearly explain smart options so you and your people get the most out of your elevator.

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