There are many signs that signal your elevator needs repair. Some of these include sticking controls, darkness in the car, and malfunctioning buttons. This article will help you learn how to identify the warning signs to know when it’s time for elevator repair or modernization.

Does your elevator door make a ton of noise or is it clunking every time you press a button?

More than likely, the elevator has an aging door operator that’s aging which could be the cause of door-related issues.  As a precaution, you should consider a modernization package that includes upgrades to the door equipment and refurbishing on elevator doors going into or out of your building.

Are your elevator wait times are noticeably longer?

With an elevator modernization, you can get up and running faster and prevent headaches involving extended downtime. A modernization replaces critical components with more modern equipment to keep your people moving safely.

Our business is to ensure your people have the freedom to move and connect across your building with confidence and the highest safety.

Do you call to have your elevator serviced more often?

Noticing frequent elevator outages? Chances are, you’ll need to modernize your elevator. Aging elevator systems can be phased out with modernization to decrease the chance of a breakdown and defer maintenance costs.

Is your elevator not leveling the way it should?

As your elevator nears the end of its life-span, improper leveling – either inside or out – can occur. This can cause passenger missteps or even falls. Elevator modernizations replace aged leveling technology, hydraulic valves, and motors to ensure your people can safely move between floors.

Are odors present in your elevator?

Elevator modernization offers many benefits including installing a new hydraulic power unit or replacing hydraulic fluid with low-odor fluids, or improving elevator air purification devices and exhaust fans that enhance air quality.

One thing to remember is, every building and elevator is unique. Periodic elevator checks is the best way to protect your elevator equipment and the people who ride them. Additionally, up-to-date elevator servicing helps you avoid major repairs at unnecessary costs.

If you’re not sure about the condition of your elevator, one of our elevator experts would love to answer any questions you have.


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