We are Canada’s trusted, full-service elevator company.

It’s extremely hard to find a company with as much integrity as Elevated Services Inc. That makes it easy for us to serve our customers with the best possible services and the highest outcomes.  —Luke Parker, Elevator Professional


We provide elevator services for a wide range of residential and commercial lifts from freight elevators and passenger elevators to vehicle and automotive elevators. All designed to keep your people moving smoothly and efficiently. When installed, our elevators provide low maintenance and easy-operation without compromising the existing quality of your building’s décor and architectural touch.


Our experts offer elevator services solutions for with the uniqueness of your family top-of-mind. Regardless of the layout of your home, we’re suited to deliver compact and attractive new home elevators, stair and chair lifts for seniors, home ramps and platform lifts, and many other comfortable options to navigate between stairs with ease.

Maintenance, Service & Repair

Our elevator services include maintenance and repair, designed to help keep your elevators available and reduce maintenance calls—using our best equipment. More importantly, we place elevator safety as our highest priority. We proudly promote being a recognized member of the Canadian Elevator Contractors Association and maintaining standards with the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) and the Ministry of Labour of Ontario.

Our legacy is defined by the people we lift.

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